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The development in the field of health services has broughtconcrete benefits to the Chinese people. The average lifeexpectancy of the Chinese rose to 76.5 years in 2016 from 67.9years in 1981; maternal mortality dropped from 88.9 per 100 adidas yeezy uk ,000persons in 1990 to 19.9 per 100,000 persons in 2016; and infantmortality declined from 34.7 per 1,000 in 1981 to 7.5 per 1,000 in2016. The main health indicators of the Chinese are generallybetter than the average level of middle- and high-income countries,and China has achieved the UN's Millennium Goals in this regardahead of schedule. Furthermore, China has established a completemedical and health system that is guided by the Constitution Women's Nike Air Vapormax KPU TPU Pink White UK , basedon civil laws and regulations, laws and administrative regulationson health, and local regulations, and directed by the outlines,programs, and plans of the health sector. The system has provedeffective in maintaining sound doctor-patient relations Women's Nike Shoes Air Vapormax 2018 Pink UK , addressingmedical disputes with impartiality, and ensuring citizens' right tohealth.

The reform of the medical sector has produced noticeableresults. Within a short period of time, China was able to achievethe following: developing the world's largest basic medicalinsurance network that covers all citizens, providing insurance forpatients of serious diseases, enabling patients to receiveemergency medical services, and improving medical assistance. Allthis has provided institutional guarantee that patients have accessto medical services. The state has gained effective control overserious infectious diseases Nike Air Vapormax 2018 UK Women's Purple , has kept the spread of AIDS at a lowlevel, has achieved the tuberculosis control target of the UN'sMillennium Goals ahead of schedule, has reduced the number ofschistosome infections to the lowest level in history, and became apolio-free country in 2000. China set up the world's largest onlinedirect reporting system of notifiable epidemics and public healthemergencies in 2015, and the average reporting time has beenshortened to four hours from five days before the introduction ofthe system.

Significant progress has been made in developing a system ofmedical and healthcare services. A basic medical services networkcovering both urban and rural areas has been put in place, with980 Men's Nike Air Max 2018 Elite KPU TPU UK Grey Black ,000 medical and health institutions at all levels, 11 millionhealth workers, and seven million beds at medical institutions. Thestate has increased its efforts to foster more medicalprofessionals. A standardization training system for residentdoctors is being established, and outstanding figures such as NobelPrize laureate in Physiology or Medicine Tu Youyou have madesignificant contributions to society. As more social resources flowinto the medical sector, private hospitals now account for over 57percent of all hospitals, making medical services more diverse.China's medical and health emergency rescue capability is among theworld's best. It stood the severe test of the Ebola epidemic Men's Adidas NMD R1 Mystic Blue UK ,blocking all infectious sources from outside its territory andachieved zero infection while Chinese medical teams went onassistance missions in Africa.

After many years of hard work, a new stage has been reached inChina's medical and health services. This has not only made theChinese people healthier, but has also created a model suited tothe country's prevailing conditions that is able to ensure people'sright to health. This model has the following features:

-- Prioritizing health and fitness. The government placespeople's health at the forefront of its development strategies,based on China's prevailing reality, incorporates the awareness ofmaintaining and improving people's health into the decision-makingprocess of policies and the formulation and implementation of lawsand regulations, and strives to achieve sound and coordinateddevelopment between healthy lifestyles Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Shock Pink Black UK Women's , working conditions, thenatural environment, and the economy and society.

-- Focusing on prevention. The focus on healthcare has beenshifted from treating illnesses to enhancing people's health. Equalemphasis is put on disease prevention and treatment, and thewell-being of both mind and body. Western medicine and TCM havebeen made complementary to each other. More efforts have beenfocused on the prevention and control of chronic, endemic andoccupational diseases. In order to reduce the occurrences ofillnesses, China's medical sector is striving to learn more aboutthe patterns and development of health-related issues Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Snakeskin Patterns UK , emphasizingearly diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

-- Nonprofit services. The basic medical and healthcare serviceswill continue to be basically nonprofit, and made available to allcitizens as a public product. Public hospitals are the pillar ofthe medical service system, and steps will be taken to ensureuniversal access to public-health services.

-- Equality and benefit for all. The state will continue toensure full coverage of health and medical services. Focusing onrural areas and communities, the gaps in health conditions betweenurban and rural areas, between different localities and betweendifferent groups will be gradually narrowed Adidas NMD R2 Pink White UK Women's , so that everyone hasequal access to basic health services.

-- Universal participation and sharing of benefits. Thegovernment will continue to assume the leading role, while privateorganizations and individuals are encouraged to participate. Thegoal is to involve all citizens in the building and development ofthe medical care system, with the benefits jointly shared by all.The government will appropriately handle its relationship with themarket, so that the former can play its due role in the basicmedical and healthcare sector and that the market can provide morechoices in the non-basic medical care sector.

Table 1 Main health indicators in selected years

(Editor's note: Please find the chart released by Xinhua'sPhotographic News Department.) (more)

by Roxana Istudor

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